Formula Windsurfing World Championship 2012 Liepaja

Formula Windsurfing World Championship 2012 was for the first time in history of Latvia held in 2012 in Liepāja, Latvia. With participation of latvian top windsurfers (Māris Birzulis, Jānis Preiss, Ansis Dāle) and more than 100 athletes from 20 countries, including Steve Allen (AUS), Willhelm Schurmann (BRA), Paolo Dos Reis (BRA), Micah Buzianis (USA), Ross Williams (UK) it was a trully great event.

Winners were decided in two classes – (1) Gold Fleet, and (2) Silver Fleet. Although top20 in gold fleet was clearly dominated by polish athletes Ross Williams (UK) won and Steve Allen (AUS) came as second. In silver fleet Baltic States filled all the top 3 positions.Kriukelis Mindaugas (LT) got the gold, Omnibriedis Ricards (LAT) silver and Sipavicius Karolis (LT) bronze medal.

FINAL RESULTS for Formula Windsurfing World Championship

Gold Fleet

Rank Name Country
1 Ross Williams Great Britain
2 Steve Allen Australia
3 Przemyslaw Miarczynski Poland
4 Brzozwski Wojtek Poland
5 Langer Vincent Germany
6 Michael Polanowski Poland
7 Gabriel Browne Brasil
8 Buzianis Micah United States
9 Mokrzyki Hubert Poland
10 Kornum Sebastian Denmark
11 Kasper Bouman Netherlands
12 Brault Valentin France
13 Fernando Martinez Espania
14 Warembourg Nicolas France
15 Mrcozynski Wojciech Poland
16 Ervin Martin Estonia
17 Anton Dragan Israel
18 Preiss Janis Latvia
19 Miquel Martinho Portugal
20 Maciek Rutkowski Poland

Silver Fleet

Rank Name Country
1 Kriukelis Mindaugas Lithuania
2 Omanbriedis Ricards Latvia
3 Sipavicius Karolis Lithuania
4 Sjostedt Ulf Sweden
5 Poltruk Gunnar Estonia
6 Moliusis Arvydas Lithuania
7 Murashev Artem Russia
8 Bruno Strauss Latvia
9 Hirdina Patrik Czech Republic
10 Sladky Martin Czech Republic
11 Timo Runge Estonia
12 Martins Grobins Latvia
13 Talis Petersons Latvia
14 Stepanek Jan Czech Republic
15 Ozols Maris Latvia
16 Briggs James Great Britain
17 Neumann Lukas Czech Republic
18 Roberts Bitenieks Latvia
19 Mala Netto/Aldo Bebeko Brasil
20 Kristaps Keidans Latvia

Windsurfing combines elements of surfing and sailing and thus various skills are needed – sailing, expierience, power and of course fortune. Nevertheless, fortune favours the brave. Congratulations for the champions and God bless us all.


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