Day 4 Strong Wind

Forlula World Windsurfing Championship 2012 was held in city (Liepaja) where the wind (at least wind in Latvia) is born and day 4 proved it. In fact the find was so strong that race was stopped until further notice. Altough it is always great when event goes on as planned security of participants was and is the most important priority.

Day 1 is over

At least on the beach. Knowing that Liepāja offers wide variety of entertainment and leisure time options, it is obvious that all the action in the afternoon is going to take place in town. Knowing that one can imagine that Liepāja during FWWC 2012 will became city of no sleep for a week 🙂 Joking aside – we’ve got really really tough fleet for FWWC 2012 and we are happy to announce that 122 athletes registered for the race and 23 countries are present. I would call it success – city where the wind is born – Liepāja – truly deserve great event! And as we know – all action will start tomorrow. So be prepared for the action and follow the leaders.

Regarding leaders – there is really nice bunch of windsurfing stars here – Micah Buzianis USA 34, Steve Allen AUS 0, Ross Williams GBR 83, Wilhelm Schurmann BRA 999, Arnon Dagan ISR 1, Martin Ervin EST 202, Latvian challengers Maris Birzulis LAT 11, Ansis Dāle LAT 13, Jānis Preiss LAT 23 and many other competitors who are looking for the way to win the race and play against the wind nicely. We will follow and will inform You here and there and everywhere. Photo courtesy – Ivo Blūms.